Why dance?

Bloom - Harriet Hoctor (1920-1930)
Bloom – Harriet Hoctor (1920-1930)

Earlier this week, one of the teachers at my dance school asked me to choreograph a duet with her, and perform it at the summer gala (very excited!). While we were deciding on the theme of the dance, she completely threw me by asking me a relatively simple question: why do I dance?

This is something I have never really asked myself until now, so I told her I’d give it some thought…

So, why do I dance? I recently found a great word, and I am happy to be able to put it to use, even if it doesn’t apply to me. That word is tarantism one meaning of which is “the uncontrollable urge to dance to relieve one’s melancholy”. I think maybe a lot of people would say they dance to express difficult feelings. I don’t; I have never felt the urge or need to dance if I am in a bad mood, or upset. For me, talking about those feelings is more effective; on the contrary, if I am happy or excited, I dance.

I think I dance to express my creativity, whether I am dancing other people’s choreography or my own. I like the fact that, when I am dancing, I am too focused to think of anything else; it is a way to free my mind for a couple of hours.

Although, obviously, I mainly dance  because I love it; I love using my body to create movements, and just love moving in a meaningful way to the music in general.

I can’t imagine my life without dance; I can’t imagine me without dance. It’s a massive part of myself, my personality, as I know it is for so many others.

The great thing is, nobody has the exact same reason, everyone sees it slightly differently. If you dance, why do you dance? Think about it, and tell me what the answer is for you… I’d love to know!

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