‘Correria Agwa’ by Mourad Merzouki with CCN’s Käfig ~ review

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‘Correria Agwa’ by Mourad Merzouki (in close collaboration with the dancers) is composed of two pieces: ‘Agwa’, the company’s first creation, and ‘Correria’.

The show opened with ‘Correria’, a frenetic, almost breathless performance, based on the theme of running (correria translates as ‘the race’). This theme was made completely obvious by the dancers either actually running on the stage, or miming a running movement which was incorporated throughout the choreography. The dancers would do this in all kinds of different positions (in lifts, on the floor…).

Quite a bit of comedy was injected into this piece, and a few almost circus-like passages. These elements, as well as sections in which hip-hop was danced to opera music, are perhaps an acquired taste, but they certainly added a lot of fun to this fast-paced performance.

A gleeful mixture of Brazilian dance and music (samba, basso nova and capoeira), classical music, and hip-hop makes ‘Correria’ unique and unforgettable.

‘Agwa’ is all about water, using see-through plastic cups – sometimes filled with water – to represent it. Full of surprises, this piece was amazingly choreographed, and the dancers’ tricks were astonishing.

I loved all the different uses of the plastic cups, which could be laid out in perfect rows, scattered and gently blown around, or stacked and waved like transparent magic wands …

The lighting was very cleverly designed to add effect and could transform the cups into beautiful candles or stars – tiny becons of hope in this environmental tale.

‘Agwa’ – copyright Michel Cavalca

There was a fantastic energy throughout, and the audience was definitely on their toes, wondering what was going to happen next. There was something about the dancers’ irresistible joy and energy that completely swept everyone watching along with them.

Mourad Merzouki has created another breathtaking show. This is hip-hop with a twist like you’ve never seen it before – I can’t wait to see what these brilliant Brazilian dancers do next!

If you want to find out more about the dancers and the creation of ‘Correria Agwa’, click here (for the English version) or here (for the French version) to read my interview with them!

To find out more about Mourad Merzouki and the Käfig company, click here.

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