‘Rock the Ballet’ by Adrienne Canterna starring Bad Boys of Dance ~ review

rob 9
‘Rock the Ballet’

Last week, I went to see ‘Rock the Ballet’, choreographed by Adrienne Canterna and featuring the Bad Boys of Dance.

As soon as ‘Rock the Ballet’ starts, the theatre is filled with contagious fun and energy. The first scene showcases the six Bad Boys of Dance, before dancing beauty Adrienne comes onto the stage, seducing them all. Her choice of partner is quickly made, and all the first act follows the couple’s story, as they fall in love, fight and make up.

rob 11

The music is great, and Adrienne’s choreography creates the impression that the dancers’ movements are dictating its rhythm through every flexed foot, hand gesture or even look.

In the second act, the Bad Boys of Dance are joined by another effortlessly cool and joyful female dancer, Grace Buckley. She dances with all the men in turn, not choosing one particular partner as Adrienne did. The music for this second part is a fusion of all the greatest classics by Queen, Prince and Michael Jackson, which I loved.

Adrienne Canterna’s choreography is original and memorable – a true recipe for happiness. It is a perfect blend of interpreting the music and rhythm, and telling a tale through dance – particularly in the first act, when the audience is captivated by the story.

The performers – obviously classically trained ballet dancers – are all completely absorbed by the music, each interpreting the choreography as if it is their own. Seeing their powerful ballet technique evolving into a much more modern style is really magical. Their ability to mix ballet, jazz, hip-hop and acrobatics in such a complex and physical choreography is incredible – they seem indefatigable, as though they could dance forever and never drop. The dancers’ extraordinary abilities are definitely showcased, their tricks leaving the audience breathless.

rob 2

But what makes ‘Rock the Ballet’ special isn’t just the tricks and flips, but the overall energy, coolness and rock’n’roll vibe there is to it. It is obvious the young dancers are having the time of their lives on the stage – all you want to do is get up and dance with them!

Adrienne Canterna is, however, the real star of the show. Her ballet technique is immaculate, but she is so much more than a ballerina – her strength and flexibility is absolutely jaw-dropping. Her stage presence is brilliant – it’s like watching a supremely talented bundle of grace, elation and energy.

This was the third version I have seen of ‘Rock the Ballet’, and I came out just as energised and inspired as I did from the last two. The show never fails to put a huge smile on your face, and make you excited about dance and music.

You can find out more about ‘Rock the Ballet’, Adrienne Canterna and Bad Boys of Dance at http://www.sweetbirdproductions.com/

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